How to choose jewelry

Any woman wants to be unique, original, vibrant and impress others. It's no secret that all women love jewelry, especially those that are measured in carats. Gold, platinum, precious stones - such jewelry will certainly catch the eye of others. However, many are mistaken when they believe that wearing jewelry instead of jewelry is a bad manners. Connoisseurs of jewelry know that many items of jewelry can cost more than some items made of precious metals. Celebrities, first ladies, models and other celebrities choose jewelry.
As you know, correctly selected jewelry can transform any woman, making her image holistic and complete. When choosing jewelry, you need to remember that it must be worn correctly. Badly selected jewelry can ruin your style, introducing disharmony into it. Below we will talk about how to choose jewelry, how and with what to wear, how to care for it.

Types of appearance and jewelry


"Winter". Girls with fair skin, dark hair and bright large eyes belong to the winter type. Decorations of bright yellow, black and pink are ideal for them.
"Spring". The beauty of the owner of peach skin and golden hair is perfectly emphasized by jewelry of bright blue, lemon yellow, grassy green color.
"Summer". Light pale skin, light brown and light brown hair - this is a girl - summer. The image of a woman of this type is perfectly complemented by blue, steel, burgundy and light pink colors in jewelry.
"Autumn". Dark skin, freckles, dark brown hair and green eyes are characteristic features of the autumn girl. Ideal colors in jewelry - deep blue, green, olive.
The magic of color has a deep meaning if you choose jewelry based on your zodiac sign. Each sign corresponds to a certain element, stone, color. If you believe in horoscopes and talismans - choose your own and wear with pleasure!



So, the first thing we start with is the country of origin. Jewelry, of course, can be made in any country in the world. Listed below are the leading countries for the production of quality and stylish jewelry.
1. Italy. Who, if not sultry Italians, true connoisseurs of female beauty and fashion, could come up with the best jewelry? Italian jewelry is the best gift for a stylish lady. The world-famous Venetian Murano glass is produced on the island of Murano in Venice. This glass is made by unique technology by hand. Murano glass products are unusually beautiful and elegant. Today, Italian jewelry is sold in stores of precious metal products and may be in the same price category as gold products.
2. Czech Republic. Czech jewelry also occupies a leading position. The Czech Republic is famous for its pomegranate, which you can admire in Turnov, Prague and Krumlov. Here you will find truly gifted craftsmen who make exquisite jewelry with this stone. Czech jewelry incorporates the tompac hypoallergenic alloy, which eliminates an allergic reaction to the metal. There is no doubt about the quality of Czech jewelry - jewelry will serve you for many years, and with proper care it will always delight your eye.
3. France. The French are known for their love of everything beautiful and sophisticated. At one time, Coco Chanel herself paid tribute to jewelry made of artificial pearls, believing that the product does not have to be very expensive to emphasize female beauty. Today, France boasts a large number of well-known companies creating real masterpieces of jewelry.
4. Belgium. Belgian craftsmen are truly authors of unique jewelery of their kind. Belgian jewelry is known all over the world, and true fashionistas are following the latest products created by Belgian craftsmen. Belgian jewelry is of high quality and exquisite design. Decoration from the collection of Belgian masters will be a successful addition to any evening outfit.

Jewelry for every occasion


A very important point when choosing jewelry is the purpose of their acquisition. If you make a planned purchase of jewelry you need to decide for which case you need it. Business meeting, party or wedding celebration - for each event you need to select the appropriate jewelry that perfectly complements your image.
When choosing jewelry for everyday wear at work, pay attention to discreet elegant jewelry. A minimum of brilliant stones and rhinestones, a laconic and elegant design, restrained colors - the decoration should unobtrusively complement your business style in clothes. By the way, if after a working day you go to a meeting with friends - dilute your image with a bright brooch, for example, and your business outfit will be appropriate at any party!
A party
Do you have friendly gatherings with friends? Or are you going to a club party? A maximum of bright jewelry, stones and rhinestones! The unusual design and original shape of the products will be quite appropriate, and you certainly will not remain invisible! Just remember that everything should be in moderation - the image of "a la New Year tree" is now out of fashion.
Cultural event
If you go to a theater, restaurant or an anniversary, your jewelry should be exquisitely expensive and restrained. A neat string of pearls, an elegant necklace or exquisite laconic earrings will be the perfect complement to your evening look. Restrained chic, moderate luxury, sophistication and sophistication of taste - others will definitely mark your choice.
If you are going down the aisle and carefully considering your wedding outfit, pay due attention to wedding jewelry. Necklace, earrings, bracelet and diadem - you can choose several or one product. Restrained wedding jewelry is very popular today, which does not "weight" the image of the bride and does not distract the attention of guests from the main character of the holiday. Delicate, romantic, neat decorations emphasize the natural beauty of the bride and give her a special charm.
If you are going on vacation to the sea or to nature, give preference to bright jewelry made from natural materials with natural stones. Bright saturated colors will make your look original and cheer up. Avoid jewelry that you usually wear at work or in a restaurant. On vacation, they will be inappropriate.




Thin wrists - thin neat bracelets
Thin fingers - thin rings of laconic design with small stones
Chubby fingers - large rings with large stones
Please note that rings with large stones are best worn on the middle or ring fingers.



Thin and long - short, medium thickness chains, hanging elongated earrings
Short - elongated chains and necklaces, voluminous earrings.



Oval - a variety of earrings of any shape are suitable
Round - voluminous earrings of elongated shape
Narrow - large volumetric earrings that visually accentuate the cheekbones
Heavy jaw - triangular earrings with a downward angle
Wide forehead and narrow jaw - hanging earrings of any design

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